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Chesterfield sofa is probably the longest trend of sofa in the world, since gracing the scene in the early 1800s. Up till now, this iconic sofa is still on the market and can be easily identify due to its unique characteristic deep buttoned back and seats with solid rolled arm. More than just an ordinary three-seater or two-seater sofa, Chesterfield sofa itself has always been a symbolic status for elite class to own, all thanks to its perfect blend of luxury, comfort and sophistication. Here at King Chesterfield, we are a trusted traditional chesterfield sofa maker. So whether you prefer premium leather, fabric or ever soft velvet for your sofa, you can rest assured that our very experienced in-house sofa specialist based at our own chesterfield sofa factory will always be ready to handmade every single sofa pieces with meticulous selection of wood materials and traditional handcraft sofa making skills.
Brown leather Chesterfield sofa

Chesterfield leather sofa

All King Chesterfield sofa are 100% handmade in our own Malaysia factory, using only the finest material in form of hardwood frames, high quality foams, German zigzag string and premium hides. Every piece of our leather Chesterfield sofas including three-seater, two-seater and armchair are made-to-measure and is all competitively priced. Our quality, comfort and durability of our iconic chesterfield sofa can be felt almost immediately when you experience this iconic piece yourself at our showroom. We are committed to produce the highest quality and durability to give you the comfort at home.

Chesterfield fabric sofa

King Chesterfield is the best one-stop shop for all your sofa needs. Our showroom displays a wide range of chesterfield design with different materials and color selection. You can also go for our Queen Chesterfield Series for fabric design or you may opt for our premium leather selection to bring elegancy to your home surrounding. All our King Chesterfield Manufactured Sofa are priced affordably because of our unique chain supplies management.
Fabric Chesterfield sofa

Leather Chesterfield is extremely durable and is a classic choice that will induce a sense of elegance to living room.

Fabric Chesterfield Sofa is perfect for bringing a chic feel to any living space in Singapore.

Velvet Chesterfield gives a sophisticated impression to a surrounding and is available in variety of colors.

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A chesterfield sofa is generally priced at a premium due to inflexible chain supply strategy, rising rental as well as high marketing fee. At King Chesterfield, we manage our cost effectively through our role as a sofa manufacturer, which directly translate into you skipping the middleman cost. We take your order, our in-house production finish your order, then we ship your order to you. In this way, not only can you expect the chesterfield sofa to be affordable, you can also rest assured in knowing that all the sofa is made to measure from our factory.

So, come on down to visit our showroom for our chesterfield sofa range today, and let us help you to fulfil your home’s potential today.

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Enhancing each King Chesterfield design series, we pushes sofa making boundaries yet again with scrupulous attention to detail on the enhanced pinewood for long lasting durability.  The ingenious design of the King Chesterfield Series constitutes a tribute to the producer of world seating premiers.

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