About us

King Chesterfield Pte Ltd

To simply put, King Chesterfield is a true authentic chesterfield sofa maker company with expertise accumulated over a long period of hand graft and attention to details. As such, our unique design collections are completely bespoke to bring a elegant look to any space. It is also not difficult to see the qualities difference between our genuine leather Chesterfield sofa as compared to others sofa models in the market. This is because all our King Chesterfield ranges are made from our own factory and is the perfect synthesis of experienced hand-craftsmanship on upholstery and hardwood frames. King Chesterfields is a subsidiary brand owned by Vii Group, a recognized household name knows for decorating lifestyle spaces.

Top quality of every piece of tufted sofa

Every piece of model from King Chesterfield are filled with hand-made quality from inside out. In fact, it is no secret that each King Chesterfield hand-made product is a result of thoughtful consideration and a highly complex process of traditional Chesterfield sofa making.

From the frame used to the height of the scroll arms to the individual hand-tack studding or to even the hand sews deep buttoned back, each of these essential components are deliberately designed and developed to maximize durability and comfort.

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