Jasper Tub

Jasper Tub

Retro Chesterfield Tub Chairs Singapore

While armchairs is typically bulky in size, this retro looking chesterfield armchairs has an petite physique with deep tufted button on its back. The design of this retro Jasper Tub chesterfield collection is perfect to enliven any space and add a sense of flair to the surrounding, especially bedrooms and other cozy corners within an arena.


Frame: Hardwood


RESISTANT: 35 High resilient full foam


German decorative nail


3.8 mm high steel composition zigzag spring


Leather material: Oil Wax Aniline


66 (w) x 71 (d) x 66 (h) cm

King Chesterfield brown leather

In Time-honored brown leather

This classic tiny chesterfield armchairs is hand wrapped with precious brown aniline leather, giving it a luxurious character and echoing the dramatic and expressive lines of the timeless chesterfield tradition

Crafted in the same excellent manner

Featuring the same old King Chesterfield sofa making process, the model boasts body contouring frame from specially engineered hard wood, precise hand tufted buttons across the back, high resiliency foam filled seat cushion and a willful curved profile, making the model a pure pleasure to sink in.

Jasper Tub craftmanship

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