Imparting legacy to future Generation

King Auden Chesterfield

King Auden Chesterfield

Ageless Chesterfield Wing-chairs Singapore

King Auden Chesterfield Wingchairs has always stood out ever since its creation. More than its prestigious status, it is also the blueprint of great seating brilliance design that make the wing chair so popular for decades. All thanks to its overall well-designed proportions from the instant recognizable structure of high back with wing like attachment and well positioned arm, these are all element that make Wingchairs so ideally perfect for relaxation and seating comfort.

Being born in the 1950’s, King Auden Chesterfield Wingchair evidently aged with grace and has never failed to appeal to bon vivant and the classy, even till today.


Frame: Hardwood


RESISTANT: 35 High resilient full foam


German decorative nail


3.8 mm high steel composition zigzag spring


Leather material: Rub off

Article: Wash off green


armchair: 81 (w) x 81 (d) x 110 (h) cm

King Chesterfield Wing-chair craftsmanship

Covered in Jade green gracefulness

Classic without a doubt, King Auden Chesterfield Wingchair is wrapped with exceptionally high-grade aniline leather. Aniline leather is also considered as the most desirable quality within the natural leather category, thus making it extremely enduring in any environment.  Coupled with the addition of exclusive refinement applied on this legitimate green leather, King Auden Chesterfield Wingchair affirmed its own standing as a tour de force.

Sophistication of its highest grade.

The entire embody of King Auden Chesterfield Wingchair is firmly rooted to the vision of longevity to endure for several generations. Therefore, all the content that found within this wingchair model are result of thorough planning using the finest qualities with highest sophistication of craftsmanship. The wingchair model content comprises specially manufactured supreme hardwood structure, precise amount of high-quality foam filled cushion, oxidized German-made nails as well as deep hand-tufted button.

King Chesterfield green wing-chair upholstery

It's not just a sofa, its King Auden Chesterfield.

Own it now.