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Making of High-Quality Chesterfield Sofa

We know that in order for our product to truly be considered as a high-grade Chesterfield sofa, our range of leather chesterfield sofa, fabric chesterfield sofa as well as velvet chesterfield sofa must achieve perfection from within.

Therefore, all our models are designed with exacting comfort level through the high-quality content beneath the specifically selected leather, fabric or velvet. We ensure that each of these key components are perfect blend for each other so that at the end of the creation, our sofa can achieve outlasting durability while effortlessly adding a sense of elegancy to any surrounding.

King Chesterfield bespoke craftsmanship

Built with finest material and complex hand finish design.

At King Chesterfield, we constantly push sofa making boundaries which involve highly intensive craftsmanship and scrupulous attention to every detail. All the finished King Chesterfield collection is a result of extensive manufacturing process and evaluation to ensure our offering stands out from the crowd.

The Frame Role within Sofa

The frame is just like the skeleton, and is one of the essential components that we deemed vital. The development of frames from highly durable material allows the sofa to maintain its shape and integrity, while lending support for all the other parts of the sofa to come together. At King Chesterfield, the frame of the furniture we produced is from extremely durable hardwood and they are all optimized to fit the contoured human body shape.

King Chesterfield hardwood frame
King Chesterfield high density foam

Cushion Filling for Comfort

There are a variety of cushion fillings that is used on Chesterfield sofa, which varies from foam, polyester fibres and feathers. The filling used is extremely important as the cushions is solely relied on to provide comfort and support to the person sitting. King Chesterfield deliberate on using top-notched foam filing for all our model due to the perfect sink in feeling when it is being seated on.

Suspension for comfort enhancement

The choice of suspension varies from Elastobelt belt, serpentine springs, coiled spring unit to the use of high-calibre zigzag spring. A suspension is essential to the lifespan for the overall comfort of sofa furniture, as it ensure the cushion do not sink in to the frame. At King Chesterfield, we choose to use the rare sinus spring on all our chair suspension for its ability to withstand weight as well as the compliments quality it has with our cushion filling for the enhancement on the overall comfort level.

King Chesterfield quality suspension
King Chesterfield sofa premium upholstery

Beauty of the Upholstery

The quality behind the choice of upholstery used on a chesterfield sofa cannot be underestimated as it can directly impact the quality of sofa, its visual appearance, comfort and its lifespan. That is why in King Chesterfield, we only offer our client the best tried and trusted selection of leather, fabric and velvet upholstery. You will also be happy to find out that all our materials come in different colours and shades, giving you plenty of thoughts and possibilities.

Detailing for Chesterfield Hallmarks.

The one thing that set chesterfield sofa aside from any ordinary looking sofa has always been its popular distinctive look. The hallmarks of classic chesterfield consist of deep buttoning, attractive studding and peculiar rolled armed. All these trademarks are created with a lot of care and effort.

Our craftsmanship from start to end.

Our workmanship remains distinctive today with its antique chesterfield sofas of the eighteenth and nineteenth centuries. Unlike mass-produced furniture, King Chesterfield builds every piece of chesterfield sofa by one or two craftsmen. Each craftsman is highly skilled at all aspects, from frame-making, suspension systems to upholstery and button-work. The development is a real sense of pride in each piece, rarely seen nowadays.

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