Leather Chesterfield sofa

King Chesterfield series

Leather Chesterfield Sofa are also commonly known as classic sofa, vintage sofa or England sofa. Leather chesterfield sofa are steadfastly rising to become one of the preferred sofas for living space, whether for commercial or residential spaces. Hardly surprising, top grain leather chesterfield sofa is a complete package that boast charming look, low maintenance and is extremely durable.

A genuine Leather Chesterfield sofa is very much different from any other leather sofa found in the market. A good chesterfield sofa quality is usually hand built from scratch, and selection on superior raw material from leather, suspension, wood for frame etc. These are all the essential factor to consider during the manufacturing process for King Chesterfield. Other that choosing the right raw material, the finishing touch by sofa maker is also very crucial as it radiates subtle elegance to the sofa itself.

King Series Collection of Chesterfield Sofa: The beauty of traditional elegancy and luxury.

King Chesterfield proudly brings to Singapore our whole new King Series collection: a luxury collection that is designed and manufactured by our own factory. With the increase living standard in Singapore, our King Series stands out above the rest through its affordability and quality.

Handmade Chesterfield sofa Singapore
King Chesterfield full grain leather

Masterfully craftsmanship on finest material

Our King Series Chesterfield uses rare top-quality aniline leather and is comes in different colour selection from red, brown, tan and even grey. With all our craftsman’s heart and hands, the work on this precious aniline leather along with traditional chesterfield sofa making process, has proven to make the King Series beautiful beyond time.

Comfortable seat without spending a lot

With King Chesterfield unique management solution on the chain supplies, you can now enjoy the aesthetics rich and extremely comfortable King Series sofa collection without burning a hole in your pocket. Being both the manufacturer and supplier, this has enabled us to bring the cost down without compromising on quality. Therefore, we have a saying, A good leather chesterfield sofa doesn’t have to be expensive.

King Chesterfield comfort seat

Our King Series Collection

Brown leather chesterfield sofa

Greatness beyond time.

From $1,089

Colourful leather chesterfield sofa

Masterfully crafted as an art for the future.

From $1,190

American brown leather chesterfield sofa

The Hallmark of West Artistry.

From $1,290

Green leather wing chair

Passing of legacy to future Generation.

From $1,590

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