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King Jefferson Chesterfield

King Jefferson Chesterfield

Old American Chesterfield Sofa Singapore

While almost all chesterfield sofa design is originated in England, King Jefferson Chesterfield sofa is the pride of America. Conceptualized in the west, the display of King Jefferson collection is unique in the way it reflects the sense of long America heritage and is truly one hallmark among many distinction products born from the States. The production of this good old American sofa is never going to be easy feat as it revolves around the complicating challenge of surpassing technical boundaries that only the most dedicated craftsman can handle.


Frame: Hardwood


RESISTANT: 35 High resilient full foam


German decorative nail


3.8 mm high steel composition zigzag spring


Leather material: Oil Wax Aniline

Article: Age Bark


3-seater: 219 (w) x 81 (d) x 69 (h) cm

2-seater: 153 (w) x 81 (d) x 69 (h) cm

armchair: 92 (w) x 81 (d) x 69 (h) cm

King Chesterfield brown leathers

Appreciation of solid brown leather

Brown is the colour that represents a solid foundation of earth. The allure of King Stanhope lies within the distinctive characteristic of its genuine brown premium aniline brown leather.

The deliberate use of this selected leather type and colour on chesterfield sofa guarantee dependable outlive strength as well as introducing a sense of stability and warmth of a home to the surrounding.

A well-balanced consideration on all aspect

Clearly living up as a great American jewel, King Jefferson sofa collection holds a very special place in the history of Chesterfield sofa. The production and inspiration behind this design exemplify a devoted pursuit of excellency from start to begin. King Jefferson Chesterfield revolves around creating balance with sturdy well measure hardwood frame, superior brown aniline leather, high quality foam filled cushion as consistent hand tufted button. And all this complicated process is exactly why the timeless King Jefferson collection is as complete as it is charming and serene.

King Chesterfield sofa workmanship

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