Leather armchair Singapore

Leather armchairs is very much more durable than armchair made in others material in many aspects. In terms of lastingness, a leather armchair tends to gets better with age while we see other model’s condition deteriorate. A leather armchair is also extremely stain resistance, making it easy to maintain especially with families with kids running around with risk of spilling carbonized drinks on the sofa.

In Singapore, many homeowners have chosen to have a leather armchair sitting in the master room or in small corner of the house, as the armchairs can easily complements several décor and bring a sense of elegancy to their surrounding.

Leather armchair

King Chesterfield New Leather Armchair Series: A collection of Italian Inspired Leather Armchair

In King Chesterfield Leather Armchair Series, we carry highly coveted leather armchair design inspired in Italy and manufactured by our own production team. By using specially selected natural aniline leather on our same old excellent manufacturing operation, the leather armchairs quality will certainly outperform in terms of durability, attractiveness as well as ease of maintenance.

In addition, we also offered a wide range of natural aniline leather color selection that you will surely love. Visit our King Chesterfield showroom today and custom made the unique leather armchairs for your comfortable home today.

Feel live again with our leather armchairs.

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